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To Taste Temptation: The Legend of the Four Soldiers    by Elizabeth Hoyt order for
To Taste Temptation
by Elizabeth Hoyt
Order:  USA  Can
Forever, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Lady Emeline Gordon seems standoffish to wealthy Samuel Hartley, but he thinks she will be the perfect chaperone for his youngest sister, Rebecca. Lady Emeline is horrified to observe that Samuel wears buckskin moccasins and has appalling manners, but she agrees to be Rebecca's chaperone after she learns that Samuel was her dead brother's friend during the war.

Samuel is haunted by his wartime experiences and believes that his regiment was betrayed by someone who fought in the war with him. He vows to find the traitor. When Lady Emeline learns this, she also wants to know who was responsible for her brother's death in battle. As they spend time together, Lady Emeline feels an attraction but she is betrothed to her long time friend and Samuel's fellow soldier, Jasper Renshaw, Viscount Vale. Samuel can't understand why she would marry for anything less than love and presses her to explain. He knows she is attracted to him and he wants her just as badly.

Their difference in class means nothing to Samuel but is everything to a society girl. Lady Emeline feels she has to marry within her class and tries to explain it to Samuel but he won't hear of it. Samuel is wonderful with Lady Emeline's young son and she can't stop thinking of his hands on her. To Taste Temptation has appealing characters, steamy love scenes, and a sense of intrigue. There is no putting this one down until you are finished.

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