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Divorcing Dwayne    by J. L. Miles order for
Divorcing Dwayne
by J. L. Miles
Order:  USA  Can
Cumberland House, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Francine Harper and her husband Dwayne live in Pickville Springs, Georgia. It is a small town where everyone knows whose cheque is good and whose husband is not. Dwayne had been married before but Francine met him at a pig-pull and could not resist his good looks and charm, even though she knew of his womanizing ways.

Francine thought she had a good marriage until the day she came home to find Dwayne in bed with a stripper from the local bar, the Peel'n Squeal. The nerve of Dwayne to carry on in their own bed that Francine's father had hand carved for them as a wedding gift. Francine saw red and took the gun out of the night table and shot the bed. Now Francine is in jail facing felony charges for shooting at Dwayne and his girlfriend Carla. Her lawyer does some fast talking and gets Francine out of jail, but she must wear an ankle monitor so they can track her every move. With the help of her best friend Ray Anne Pickles she finds a job and tries to get her life back on track.

After finding thirty thousand dollars in their bank account, and knowing it is not theirs, Francine fears that Dwayne has gotten involved with the local mob. The talk of the town is that Dwayne and Carla are about to open a topless barbershop together. Not if Francine can help it! She and Ray Anne set out to destroy the barbershop before its opening, with Dwayne's new double seater tractor. Soon afterwards Dwayne disappears, and Francine is arrested again as a murder suspect. Now Francine has to convince the court of her innocence and try to solve the mystery surrounding Dwayne. Trouble is Francine's middle name and Divorcing Dwayne is an entertaining, laugh out loud read.

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