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No One Heard Her Scream    by Jordan Dane order for
No One Heard Her Scream
by Jordan Dane
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Detective Rebecca Montgomery has seen a lot during her time as a cop but nothing prepares her for the news that her missing sister is very likely dead. Despite the fact that Danielle's body was never found, the amount of blood spatter discovered in the seedy hotel room where she was last been seen indicates that Dani couldn't have survived her ordeal. Becca is determined to track down her sister's killers even if she has to find clues on her own time. Two more abductions in the space of five months only increase her resolve. Becca's chance for closure comes sooner than expected when an enigmatic stranger shows up at a crime scene bearing disturbing clues about Danielle's case.

Diego Galvan is part of businessman Hunter Cavanaugh's vast organization, but Becca isn't sure in what capacity and Diego is reluctant to say. What she does know is that Cavanaugh owns the landmark Imperial Theatre where a body is found interred behind a brick wall. Tests indicate the girl has been dead for many years. As Becca works to confirm the girl's identity, she uncovers disturbing ties that link Jane Doe to not only Cavanaugh's business empire but also the recent teenage abductions. As for Diego, she's not so sure about his motives. Why is he so interested in her case? And why would he risk his association with Cavanaugh - and in essence his life - to reveal telling clues about Becca's murder and other unsolved abductions?

No One Heard Her Scream is being marketed as a romantic suspense - however, some aficionados of the genre might disagree with the categorization. While Dane lights an intriguing attraction between the secretive Diego and the suspicious Becca, the breakneck pacing and Diego's precarious position within the bad guy's organization never really allow for any sort of believable follow through. As a straight suspense story, however, Dane earns high marks for intense characterizations (both lead and secondary), gritty and complicated plotting, and a timely and disturbing premise centering on human trafficking.

No One Heard Her Scream is a great debut and Jordan Dane climbs to the top of the list as a new suspense author to watch. Books 2 and 3 of her suspense trilogy - No One Left to Tell and No One Lives Forever - will hit bookstores in April and May, 2008.

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