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Seduced By a Spy
by Andrea Pickens
Order:  USA  Can
Forever, 2008 (2008)

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* * *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Shannon is known for her hot temper but also for her daring. She is picked from Mrs. Merlin's Academy for Select Young Ladies for a mission to a remote Scottish castle, where her job will be to protect Lady Octavia and her two grandchildren. After being plucked from the streets to learn the techniques of spying and seduction, orphaned Shannon must now prove she is up to the challenge - in partnership with Alexandr Orlov, a man she knows is a thief as well as a handsome rake.

Alexandr Orlov, who knows an enemy is watching, will work alongside Shannon to protect the children and Lady Octavia. Known for his rakish charm with the ladies, he is starting to have feelings for his brave partner. He admires her warrior skills and can't keep his eyes off of her beauty. Shannon and Alexander must learn to trust one another, in order to succeed in their mission. Neither is used to working together, but sparks ignite between them immediately. After they arrive at the castle, they are put to work as tutors for Lady Octavia's grandchildren while they look for the French spy who threatens them.

Seduced By a Spy is action packed, with passion and romance radiating between Shannon and Alexandr. The story is fast-paced as they learn to trust each other and anticipate what comes next - in both their relationship and their mission. Andrea Pickens has created another wonderful historical featuring Mrs. Merlin's Academy for Select Young Ladies.

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