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Timeless Moon: Tales of the Sazi Book 6    by C. T. Adams & Cathy Clamp order for
Timeless Moon
by C. T. Adams
Order:  USA  Can
Tor, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Centuries old bobcat shifter Josette Monier has the amazing ability of being able to see past, present and future. Some might say her gift is a miracle, but for Josette it's a nightmare as thoughts, emotions and events continually bombard her to the point of madness. She's been the Sazi's greatest asset in averting disasters, but for the past century, she's been content to live a solitary existence, away from humans as well as her own kind. It's the only way to preserve her sanity. Even so, others among the Sazi race see her gift as a threat and have initiated more than one assassination attempt.

But with the Sazi race's very existence at stake, Josette is forced out of her self-imposed exile, as is the love of her life, Rick Johnson. Three hundred years before they were inseparable, living a life of contentment in the wilds of America. But as time passed, technology, change, and most especially their emotional growth, caught up with them, as did their responsibility to the Sazi. When yet another assassination attempt forces Josette back to civilization, she learns that Rick is alive and well. This news leaves her more than a little shocked and angry. Rick too, is loathe to go back into action. Yes, his mentor's life is on the line - indeed their entire race is at risk from the evil dealings of the snake shifters. But the former Wolven agent doubts his actions will make much of a difference - until he learns that the love of his life is in grave danger from unseen enemies.

This sixth instalment of the always readable and intriguing Sazi world continues unravelling the conspiracy within the race as the authors drop more hints about the origins and various agendas of those determined to destroy their kinsmen. Various characters make a return appearance, but the main storyline and romance belongs to Rick and Josette as they confront old emotional issues as well as new threats to their happiness. The authors still have a tendency to overstate or repeat plot points, both past and present, and sometimes interlace confusing references to both Rick's and Josette's past identities, but overall Timeless Moon is another rich and involving chapter in the Sazi mythology.

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