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A Knight's Reward    by Catherine Kean order for
Knight's Reward
by Catherine Kean
Order:  USA  Can
Medallion, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Gisela Anne Balewyne is struggling to survive. She left her abusive husband Ryle and fled to Clovesbury with her young son Ewan. She fears Ryle will be searching for them, so by day she wears a hooded cloak to conceal her identity. She has opened a tailor shop and takes in work to save for a trip north. One day while walking through the market Gisela realizes she is being followed. Fearing for her life she tries to escape but is quickly overtaken by Dominic de Terre, her true love. Years before she vowed her love to him as he left to fight in the Crusades, only to have her parents give her hand in marriage to Ryle.

Dominic is tracking thieves who stole a shipment of expensive silks from his good friend and lord, Geoffrey de Lanceau. He has reason to believe the shipment ended up in Clovesbury. What Dominic doesn't know is that the shipment of silk is hidden under the floor of Gisela's shop. She accepted a sewing order from French merchant Crendardieu, but soon realized that something was wrong when he asked her to keep the cloth hidden - desperate for money, she obeyed. Now she has denied her knowledge of the shipment to Dominic. She is full of guilt as she has yet to tell Dominic that Ewan is his son.

Days later Dominic discovers Gisela's shop is being watched by thugs. After he finds a piece of the stolen silk and confronts Gisela, she explains her role, but now fears that she will be held accountable for her lies and involvement with Crendardieu. After the shop is attacked and Dominic is taken hostage by Crendardieu and his thugs, Gisela sets out to admit her guilt to de Lanceau, and seek help in saving Dominic's life. Now that they have found each other will he forgive her and share her life? A Knight's Reward, a tale of true love, shows us how love conquers all.

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