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Mine to Possess: Psy Changelings Book 4    by Nalini Singh order for
Mine to Possess
by Nalini Singh
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2008 (2008)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

As children growing up in the slums, Clay Bennett and Talin McKade were inseparable. Their friendship and protectiveness towards one another was often the only saving grace of their existence. The idea that her protector was half Changling fascinated Talin, despite his mother's adamant wish that Clay curb his dangerous leopard instincts. But without the support of his father, or the Pack, Clay's ability to suppress his true nature becomes impossible. In an uncontrolled moment of blind fury, where he only meant to protect Talin, Clay tears apart her fragile trust and forever changes his own destiny.

After Clay's release from juvenile detention he's informed that Talin is dead, killed in a car crash. If not for the intervention of the DarkRiver pack, the shock of losing her a second time would have pushed Clay into embracing his beast and going rogue. Twenty years pass and while the brooding loner has never accepted Talin's death, he has embraced his adopted Pack's unequivocal support and become a high-ranking enforcer for DarkRiver, now the dominant leopard pack in San Francisco. But when a stranger appears claiming she's Talin McKade and asks Clay for the kind of help only a Changling can provide, she forces them both to resurrect their unresolved past and they dare to hope for a future together. But first Clay and Talin must unearth the shocking secrets surrounding the mysterious deaths of missing street children who had been in Talin's care and who the Psy call The Forgotten.

In Mine to Possess, Singh continues unravelling the intricacies that govern the various races that share her rich and unique world, delving deeper into the issues that keep them at odds and vying for control. The machinations of the Psy continue as they concentrate on their cold pursuit of dominance and 'racial uniformity' despite growing discord from within. Singh also presents another emotionally rich character study of two lost and damaged souls. Clay and Talin are wonderfully realized leads who are given a second chance to confront their nightmarish past and their long-suppressed and undeniable emotional connection. Mine to Possess is another intense, sensual and complicated story that leaves little doubt that Nalini Singh is at the top of her game.

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