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by Julia Harper
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Forever, 2008 (2008)

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* * *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Turner Hastings is a part-time teller at the First Wisconsin Bank of Winosha and also the local librarian. When the bank is robbed by men disguised as Yoda and Sponge Bob, she sees it as her chance to find a way to prove that it was bank president Calvin Hymen - and not her uncle - who previously embezzled money from the financial institution. But she is captured on tape taking paperwork out of a safe in Calvin's office.

FBI Special Agent John MacKinnon is on Turner's trail but always seems to be one step behind her. After the inept bank robbers are captured, it seems that Hymen has hired someone to get rid of Turner. John has Turner's cell phone number and calls her daily, trying to lure her to turn herself in. From their daily talks, he is starting to think she might be telling the truth about the embezzlement and he soon finds himself saving Turner from the goons who are after her.

Though Turner starts to look forward to the FBI Special Agent's calls, she won't turn herself in until she clears her uncle's name. The daily calls start to get to both Turner and John so that when they finally do meet, sparks fly. But can Turner keep herself out of jail and free to have any kind of a relationship with John?

HOT is a fantastically written story filled with suspense, adventure and - as the title suggests - steamy scenes. Julia Harper, who also writes writes historicals as Elizabeth Holt, has a flair for creating lovable and interesting characters who are hard to forget. I look forward to other contemporary romances from Julia Harper.

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