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by Marianne Stillings
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2007 (2007)
Paperback, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Ethan Darling's own family and private life might be on the skids, but he's proud of the fact that he's worked his butt off making Paladin Investigations the best in the business. So he's not surprised when a local TV station enlists his aid to protect their culinary queen from anonymous threats. What does surprise Ethan is his unexpected willingness to step in as Georgiana Mundy's personal bodyguard when any one of his agents could handle the job. The woman is a flake who doles out ridiculous New Age advice at a nauseating rate. Then there's her knockout body, a vision that the always very controlled PI just can't seem to shake. Yeah, he'd be wise to reassign the case before he gets himself into some real deep - trouble. But nobody has ever accused Ethan of following his own good advice.

Georgie might have felt her hormones sing Halleluiah after accidentally bumping into the hunky detective in the elevator, but after unsuccessfully trying to engage the man in light conversation, she decides he's about as socially adept as a tree stump. No one is more surprised than she is when her boss announces that said hunk has been assigned as her personal bodyguard. Georgie wants no part of her boss's ridiculous agenda. She is more than capable of sorting out her own problems. Of course, if those problems were hers alone, she'd consider detective Darling's intrusion into her life as a challenge. But there are others involved in her current mess and her first order of business is protecting them - and their secrets. Much to her annoyance, Georgie soon discovers that Ethan isn't an easy man to fool, and that once he figures out exactly what's going on - he is more than willing to protect her with his life.

A breezy and engaging plot, witty and smart dialogue, and another cast of well-rounded and intriguing characters highlights Marianne Stillings' latest romance. The author introduced the intriguing Ethan and hints of his troubled past in earlier books, and does a nice job of slowly revealing all his well-kept secrets. Georgie is his match in every way and once their antagonistic relationship turns full steam ahead it's fun riding along with the pair as they discover the highs and lows along their particularly bumpy road to love. Satisfaction satisfies on all levels and ties up the Darling Brothers series in a neat, tidy and very appealing bow.

2nd Review by Kim Atchue-Cusella:

Georgie Mundy is the top rated star of cooking show Fetching Feng Shui and the station manager is worried about tricks being played on the set. He hires Ethan Darling to find out who is putting the show in danger. Georgie does not want Ethan as her bodyguard, finding out what is going on in her personal life - she has too much to hide.

Ethan is enthralled with Georgie right from the start; they met in the elevator when she stomped on his foot by accident. He is miffed when she tells him that she doesn't need or want his help but decides that instead of putting his best guy on the case, he will handle it himself. Georgie gives Ethan a run for his money when she disappears the first weekend and returns tired and out of sorts. He knows that she is hiding something and is determined to no only keep her safe but also find out her secrets.

Georgie and Ethan keep you turning pages to find out what predicament they will be in next. Though Satisfaction is a follow up to Arousing Suspicion and makes some reference to Ethan's brother Nate, it stands well on its own. The many suspects keep you wondering who is trying to hurt Georgie and the developing romance gives you the warm fuzzies. Satisfaction has what it takes - suspense, comedy and romance - to whet your reading pleasure.

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