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Fields of Gold    by Marie Bostwick order for
Fields of Gold
by Marie Bostwick
Order:  USA  Can
Kensington, 2005 (2005)
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Evangeline Glennon was born and raised in Dillon, Oklahoma. At sixteen years of age in 1922, farm life was a very quiet one. Survival was a struggle at times when the farm was hit by droughts and dust storms. Then one hot summer day, a plane landed in their wheat field and Evangeline's life was forever changed. The blond, handsome stranger was given food and a place to sleep while he repaired his plane. He was charming and Evangeline fell in love. In a few days Slim left to peruse his aviation career, with a promise to return.

As the months passed Evangeline learned that she was pregnant, and later gave birth to a son. With the help of her parents and best friend Ruby, she raised her son on the farm. Years passed with no word from Slim. One day Evangeline and her mother found out Slim's true identity from a newsreel. Shocked, she wrote a letter to tell him of his son and explained they were doing fine. Not long afterwards he made another visit to the farm, but Morgan was away with his grandparents and Evangeline knew deep in her heart that Slim had already moved on with his life.

Morgan was Evangeline's reason for living. He was a joy to raise and excelled in school. He was never told about his father, only that he had died. He grew up loving airplanes, with a passion for flying like his famous father. As war loomed on the horizon, Morgan chose to leave school and enlist as a pilot. Life on the farm continued to be a struggle, but after years of closing her heart Evangeline finally found happiness with the local pastor. He knew of her past and accepted Evangeline and Morgan into his life.

Evangeline followed Slim's career through newspaper clippings and learned that he was overseas helping to train pilots for battle. She realized Morgan should have been told of his father's existence and identity. Would Morgan ever forgive her? Would she have the opportunity once the war had ended? Fields of Gold is a heartwarming story of family love and survival.

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