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Midnight Awakening: The Midnight Breed Book 3    by Lara Adrian order for
Midnight Awakening
by Lara Adrian
Order:  USA  Can
Dell, 2007 (2007)
Paperback, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Centuries ago, Tegan's breedmate was captured and slowly destroyed by the Rogues. Her suffering and the GenOne warrior's inability to end it left him teetering on the brink of the madness that drives many of his kind to turn Rogue. With the help of his Brethren, he survived, but the ordeal left him cold and emotionally closed off, making Tegan the most effective and dangerous of the Order's warriors.

Elise Chase is the polar opposite of everything Tegan has known. His life within the Order has consisted of personal hardship, constant battle with the Rogues, and the ever-present threat of falling victim to the pervasive Bloodlust. Elise has lived a life of privilege, protection and love within the closely guarded confines of a Breed Darkhaven. Many Darkhavens exist across the globe, and while the Darkhaven and the Order's main agenda is to protect themselves and humans from the predations of the Rogues, Darkhaven society has long considered those within the Order as nothing more than thugs - outcasts whose methods of dealing justice are as Medieval and violent as their prey, the Rogues.

When Elise loses first her mate and then her only child to the Rogues, she swears revenge against those responsible. Using her unique psychic gift, she's able to track her enemies and dispatch them with ease. Yet this same gift could destroy her if she doesn't learn control. Tegan is shocked to learn that the sheltered widow he'd briefly encountered months before has launched a one-woman vendetta against the Rogues. He's even more surprised when she asks him for help. He knows she's on a fast track to self-destruction - something he's more than familiar with - yet he finds himself unable to refuse her insane request - or her growing allure. But when Elise discovers a diary filled with shadowy references to an ancient enemy who may prove even deadlier than the Rogues, she and Tegan form an unbreakable bond that could lead them both to destruction.

Lara Adrian pairs two very damaged characters in Tegan and Elise: each has been shattered by loss and their total focus becomes their unquenchable thirst for revenge. Adrian creates not only an evocative and intensely emotional love story, but also one of redemption. She continues expanding her fascinating and increasingly complex Breed mythology, one that deftly avoids many of the clichés present in vampire series in current release. Plenty of action, an exotic locale, surprising plots twists, and great secondaries add to this third instalment's panache, making Midnight Awakening another worthy addition to what's shaping into a truly riveting series.

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