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One With the Shadows    by Susan Squires order for
One With the Shadows
by Susan Squires
Order:  USA  Can
St. Martin's, 2007 (2007)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Asharti and her vampire army have been destroyed, but for born vampire Gian Urbano, thinking of that final battle in the deserts of Africa brings him no peace of mind - only dark and disturbing memories. Nor does his wealth and lifestyle offer him new challenges - until the moment he meets Kate Malone. Those within Urbano's elite circle of friends are enthralled by the young woman's ability to read tarot cards, but Urbano immediately takes her measure as a consummate charlatan and thief. That is, until the former street urchin intuits events about his own past - and his future - that leave them both shaken.

After years of being forced to fleece the unwary, Kate is determined to escape the stigma of her old life and begin anew as an independent and wealthy woman. Stealing a priceless emerald away from the arrogant Urbano will certainly help her achieve that goal. But once the gem is hers, Kate realises there is something drastically different about the hypnotizing stone. It drives humans to madness and enhances her own psychic ability. Unfortunately, the annoyingly persistent Urbano seems honour-bound to return the stone to a lost temple hidden deep within the deserts of the Sahara. Their strong attraction only complicates their individual agendas - and confuses both their emotions. But when an old enemy of Urbano's resurfaces with her own grandiose schemes of domination, the battle to reclaim the otherworldly emerald takes on a whole new dimension.

Susan Squires has few equals when it comes to creating evocative, gripping and beautifully written stories. This regency vampire series presents her at her best: in One With the Shadows, Squires continues expanding her imaginative and provocative mythology, delights the senses with richly detailed settings, and gifts readers with a host of memorable characters. Gian and Kate are well matched and their attraction sizzles as each tries outmanoeuvring the other to regain ownership of the emerald. Squires does not make it easy for them however: their quest for the stone, as well as their search for love, is riddled with danger and misunderstandings or misgivings, making the story that much more engrossing. One With the Shadows is another marvellous addition to a paranormal series that continues to evolve and captivate.

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