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On Wings of the Morning    by Marie Bostwick order for
On Wings of the Morning
by Marie Bostwick
Order:  USA  Can
Kensington, 2007 (2007)

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* * *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Morgan Glennon was born and raised in Dillon, Oklahoma. He grew up on the family farm with his single mother and grandparents. Life in the thirties was a struggle and everyone worked to help out. Morgan never knew his father - it was something his mother refused to talk about. He sensed that she had been deeply hurt, and even though the local minister was attracted to her, she preferred to be alone. Morgan always dreamed of flying. He would hear a plane overhead and look up into the clear blue sky and imagine himself at the controls. Later, he did learn to fly on a used Stearman trainer that he bought and repaired. Now he is about to leave college and enlist as a Navy pilot as America goes to war.

Georgia Carter learned early in life not to depend on a man. Deserted at a young age by her father, she watched her mother date one man after another, desperately searching for love. Georgia's love was airplanes. Working in a department store, she never could save enough money for flying lessons. After reading an ad in the newspaper for a waitress job, she moved to Waukegan, Illinois. The diner was across from an airport and she knew this could be her big chance. Soon Georgia was taking lessons. She was helping a friend with his office accounts in exchange for lessons. Roger Welles, the owner of the flight school, fell in love with Georgia's zest for life and flying and soon they were married. The war separated Roger and Georgia when he enlisted and soon afterwards Georgia jointed the WASP's.

On Wings of the Morning is a beautiful story about love and loss. We follow the lives of Georgia and Morgan as they do what they love to do, fly planes. For Georgia, it is a struggle as women pilots are looked down on and accused of taking jobs away from men. Morgan flies into battle and his life is forever changed as he watches his friends die for their country. He is shocked to learn the identity of his father. He never expected he would be someone famous. Maybe his love of flying is inherited after all. As the war wages on, we wonder if fate will bring Georgia and Morgan together at last.

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