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The Scottish Companion    by Karen Ranney order for
Scottish Companion
by Karen Ranney
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2007 (2007)
Paperback, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Gillian Cameron is companion to Arabella Fenton, having been with her for several years since her family cast her out. Arabella's father, Dr. Fenton, had taken Gillian in. Now he wants his daughter to marry Grant Robertson, the tenth Earl of Straithern. Rather than having her face in a medical book at all times, Arabella is to learn from Gillian what her new duties will be. This proves difficult as both Grant and Gillian are unable to hide the feelings that are developing between them.

Grant has lost both of his brothers and knows he must marry to carry on his family, as he is the last of his line. He suspects that his brothers were murdered, but Dr. Fenton tells him that a blood disease took their lives. Grant approaches Dr. Fenton about marrying his daughter Arabella and the latter agrees. But when they meet, Grant is not impressed by Arabella, who seems to have no personality and is irritated when someone interrupts her reading. Gillian stumbles upon Grant's lab, which no one is usually allowed to enter. He finds her endearing and their relationship develops from there.

Grant is aware that danger surrounds him and sends for a physician friend to help him discover who is trying to kill him. The Scottish Companion has it all - peril, passion and romance. The suspense builds with each turning page until the killer is finally revealed. I changed my mind several times about who to suspect, and the ending had a shocking twist. Karen Ranney has created a tantilizing story that will have you engrossed for hours.

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