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A Highlander for Christmas    by Sandy Blair order for
Highlander for Christmas
by Sandy Blair
Order:  USA  Can
Zebra, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Businesswoman Claire MacGregor is struggling to keep her antique business afloat. Slow sales and damages incurred by neighbourhood thugs pressuring her for protection money are making it almost impossible for her to turn a profit. The news of a dear friend's sudden death adds another low point to her day. The fact that the old man has bequeathed all his possessions to Claire makes his passing bittersweet.

While Claire will miss her friend dreadfully, she's eager to sort through his belongings and finds herself charmed with an ancient Scottish puzzle box. She's determined to unlock its secrets and is left speechless when she finds herself confronted by a Scottish warrior, Sir Cameron MacLeod. The last thing MacLeod remembers is readying for war and suddenly - poof - he finds himself standing stark naked before a strangely clad, independently minded female who's certainly the very witch whose ungodly curse brought him to her bedroom in the first place. As for Claire, she's always secretly yearned for her very own Scottish Highlander, but really, she'd outgrown those childish fantasies years ago. But the moment the Scottish charmer pops into her life, her world goes topsy turvey as both try to deal with their unbelievable situation - as well as trying to figure out how to return Cam to his own time. But will their growing attraction sabotage his return?

Though Blair doesn't offer any new plot twists, she has created a pleasant fish out of water story in A Highlander for Christmas. Her characters are enjoyable, particularly Cameron MacLeod. His reaction to his situation is convincing and often funny as he's bombarded by the fast paced lifestyle and myriad modern conveniences of the 21st century. The fact that there's not a lot of tolerance or job opportunities for an über-alpha, over-protective, sword-carrying warrior doesn't sit well and it's up to the level headed Claire to rescue Cam from himself - again to often amusing effect. Blair's readable style and brisk pacing add flair to a story sure to entertain busy readers in the mood for a short holiday charmer.

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