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Heat of the Knight    by Jackie Ivie order for
Heat of the Knight
by Jackie Ivie
Order:  USA  Can
Zebra, 2007 (2007)

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* * *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

It is the year 1747 in Scotland and the country is under English rule after the Battle of Culloden. The English have banned weapons, bagpipes, and the wearing of the plaid - it would be considered treason to do so, punishable by death. The clans are destitute and Lisle MacHugh, a proud widow, is struggling to take care of her stepchildren and herself.

Langston Monteith, known as the Black Monteith, has returned to Scotland a wealthy man. Banished by his father years before, he garnered his riches through piracy. He now owns land, ships, and plenty of gold. Whatever he wants he can buy, and after seeing Lisle MacHugh he sets out to have her. The MacHugh clan are only too willing to give Lisle's hand in marriage to Langston Monteith. By doing so, they will be able to repair their old castle and they will never know hunger and cold again. Langston will attend to their every need. After arguing with her family, Lisle surrenders to this dark, handsome stranger for their sakes.

Once they are married Lisle resists her attraction to this man she has heard so much about. She will not take him to her bed until he can prove his love for her and mend his wasteful ways. She now lives in a beautiful castle, has numerous maids and servants, and has more clothes and food than one woman could ever need. She is also learning her husband is not the cold, calculating man that people claim him to be. He does have secrets though, and Lisle tries to find out why he socializes and has business dealings with English Captain Barton. She fears for her life and her clan.

After prying, snooping, and following Langston she confronts him with what she has seen and heard. Now Langston has a choice to make, and Lisle will not settle for anything but the truth. Heat of the Knight is a fun read. The attraction between Lisle and Langston is sexy and steamy and readers take in some history along the way.

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