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Up Close and Personal    by Fern Michaels order for
Up Close and Personal
by Fern Michaels
Order:  USA  Can
Kensington, 2007 (2007)
* * *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Trinity Henderson is returning to the small town of Crestwood, South Carolina, where she grew up. She has been gone for fifteen years and is on a mission to get answers about her identity.

Trinity ran away after overhearing a heated discussion between her parents and Sarabess Windsor. Her parents work on the lavish Windsor estate. Trinity grew up playing with Sarabess's daughter Emily, who had been ill from birth. Emily was a mean spirited child, who took her rage out on Trinity and her friends. Trinity learned that she was adopted by the Hendersons. In fact she is Emily's younger sister. Sarabess put her out for adoption. Trinity was not conceived out of love, but to give Emily the bone marrow she needed to survive.

Now, fifteen years later, with her daughter Emily gone, Sarabess wants to find Trinity. Jake Forrester a childhood friend who also played on the estate, is now a lawyer, and Sarabess seeks his help. Over the years Jake has often thought of Trinity and wondered what happened to her. They were attracted to each other and formed a special bond. After hearing Sarabess's request, Jake wants no part in it. He has his own reasons for disliking the woman. She came between his parents and caused his mother heartache before her death. To this day, his father still has a relationship with the woman.

Jake heads out to try and find Trinity for his own reasons. If Trinity returns to Crestwood before her thirtieth birthday she will receive her father's inheritance. This means Sarabess would lose her grand estate and riches and be at Trinity's mercy. This appeals to Jake as revenge against Sarabess and his father. Jake finds a young woman, Lisa Summers, in a small town, running the local bakery. He sets out to prove she is the real Trinity Windsor and get her to return to Crestwood. This however is not as easy as he thinks it will be. After posing as a journalist, he tries to find out all the town gossip and rumours.

After stalking Lisa and confronting her parents, he finds Lisa is on the run and he is once again searching for answers. Through a series of complex events, and shocking confessions from Sarabess, we find secrets and people who were meant to stay hidden. Up Close and Personal is a very heartwarming story of family and friends, and the ties that bind us to our place of birth.

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