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Code Name: Bikini    by Christina Skye order for
Code Name: Bikini
by Christina Skye
Order:  USA  Can
Harlequin, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Gina Ryan is forced to resign from the Seattle police department after her partner implicates her in wrongdoing. She sets aside her first passion, embraces another, and doesn't regret a second of the five years she's spent creating decadent desserts aboard luxury Caribbean cruise ships. Her work often involves long, grueling hours, but Gina wouldn't give up a single minute. Once she learns that a serious health condition will end her career, she's even more determined than ever to throw herself whole-heartedly into every aspect of her work.

Trace O'Halloran is a member of the elite FoxFire SEAL unit: not even the President is aware of Trace and his fellow team members' special enhancements - or those of the special service dogs who work alongside each team member. After surviving near fatal injuries while carrying out a delicate mission in Afghanistan, Trace is given what he considers a fluff assignment aboard a cruise ship. However, the hard-edged SEAL knows better than to refuse a direct order from his handler. But just when Trace allows himself to relax and set his sights on romancing the luscious head pastry chef, an old enemy resurfaces, with vengeance and mayhem in mind. Now it's up to Trace and Gina to stop him before chaos ensues.

Despite its misleading title (and titillating cover photo), Code Name: Bikini is an intriguing story that delivers equal amounts of romance, action and great characterizations. Skye also fulfills her penchant for injecting a touch of the paranormal into the proceedings, as well as weaving in minor roles and walk-ons for previous Code Name characters. Christina Skye is back in top form here, with a lively, satisfying read in Code Name: Bikini.

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