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One Night With a Goddess    by Judi McCoy order for
One Night With a Goddess
by Judi McCoy
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2007 (2007)
* * *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

On Mount Olympus, life has been great for Chloe, the muse of happiness. But Zeus seems to think she can do a better job and sends Chloe to Earth for a year to prove her worth. She has certain conditions to meet, such as keeping in touch with Zeus by computer and not falling in love with a mortal, but she can handle it.

Chloe has spent the better part of the year as a wedding planner working for Belle Castleberry. Thankfully Belle did not ask for references or a past work history. They get along great and Belle has loved all the changes that Chloe has put in place.

Matt Castleberry is back from his jaunt overseas where he worked as a physician. He has seen way too much and is heartsick over his experiences. Now he walks in to find a stranger who appears to have taken over the business and fleeced his grandmother as well. He has to find a way to make sure Chloe doesn't pull a fast one, but the attraction between the two of them may keep both from their goals.

One Night With a Goddess is a delightfully refreshing story. Though the characters are strong willed, their dialogue is entertaining banter. The relationship between Chloe and Matt is fun to watch develop, but can they have a happily ever after when one is a mortal and the other a muse? Judi McCoy creates a wonderful romance for a lazy summer day, and I am dying to read the other two sisters' tales.

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