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Something More
by Janet Dailey
Order:  USA  Can
Kensington, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Luke McCallister owns a cattle ranch, the Ten Bar, in Glory Wyoming. Glory is barren and sparsely populated. Not too much happens in this dusty place. Luke spends a lot of his time at Ima Jane's Rimrock Bar, where gossip is served along with the food. Luke's family consists of Fargo, an aging cowboy, who now cooks and keeps house, and Tobe and his sister Dulcie. Tobe is a ranch hand learning the business. Luke took Tobe and Dulcie in and gave them a home and Tobe a job when their parents passed away. Luke is a man of few words, who finds comfort in his whiskey bottle. A tragic accident took the life of his wife and young son five years ago and he has shut down emotionally.

One day while moving cattle on the ranch, Luke finds a human skull in a shallow grave. Along with it is a set of false teeth and a class ring of 1938. No clothing or wallet is found. Maybe now there will be answers to Glory's oldest mystery. One hundred years ago, a band of outlaws buried stolen gold in Glory and it has never been found.

Angie Sommers' great great grandfather was one of the bandits, but he took the secret of the gold to his grave after he was hung. Years later her grandfather also came out to Glory to try and find the gold but was never heard from again. Angie never knew her grandfather but was raised on the stories from her grandmother. Now she has come to Glory seeking answers. She offers Luke a job as a trail guide to help her find the gold, following clues from an old letter written by her great great grandfather. News travels fast in Glory and strange things start happening to Angie. She is attacked and the letter stolen. An old town derelict, Saddlebags Smith, tries to scare her away.

After learning that the human remains are not those of her grandfather, but the teeth and ring are, Angie sets out to solve the age old mystery with Luke's help. What Angie finds is Something More, something more valuable than gold.

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