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The Spy Wore Silk    by Andrea Pickens order for
Spy Wore Silk
by Andrea Pickens
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Siena was an orphan living on the streets of London when she was plucked from her dangerous life to join Mrs. Merlin's academy, a select group of ladies chosen to learn a new life of spying and seduction. Siena's first assignment is to dredge out a traitor from amongst a group of book collectors. She only has her womanly wiles, her collection of knives, and her smarts to ensure that she lives through this mission.

Lord Kirtland is a disgraced ex-army officer who is suspicious of Siena at their first meeting, but he is as taken by her beauty as she is by his charm. Siena has concocted a series of games - with herself as the prize for the winner - in order to get to know each of the men. Kirtland is not fooled and sets out to find out her secrets and the reason she is there. Together, they seek to discover a traitor at the country house party they are attending before both their lives are endangered.

The Spy Wore Silk has everything, from deception to suspense to romance. The characters are all engaging, and with each turn of the page the reader learns something new. Siena is a feisty individual with a soft interior. And though Kirtland may seem cold, Siena arouses his charm. Andrea Pickens masterfully spins a tale you don't want to miss.

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