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The Buenos Aires Broken Heart Club    by Jessica Morrison order for
Buenos Aires Broken Heart Club
by Jessica Morrison
Order:  USA  Can
5 Spot, 2007 (2007)
* * *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Cassie Moore has always played it safe. At twenty-eight she lives her life according to her master plan. She has all her life's goals on a spreadsheet and feels secure in this knowledge. She thinks she has the perfect life and it is running right on schedule. However, fate has something else planned for her. She is fired from her job with an on-line dating service, and arrives home to find her fiancÚ in bed with his ex. She is in a state of shock. She has lost her job, her fiancÚ, and her apartment all in one day. How could this be happening to her? Did she not see the signs? Everything WAS going as planned.

The next day Cassie is hung over after drowning her sorrows, and finds out she has booked herself on a trip to Buenos Aires with a six month lease on an apartment. Since she has e-mailed family and friends to tell them about the trip, she feels she has to go through with it. How will she survive six months in a country where she doesn't even speak the language?

Cassie falls in love with Buenos Aires. Her apartment is in an older home and her landlady becomes a good friend. She introduces Cassie to the culture of the country, the food, language, and to Mateo, a handsome Argentinean with whom Cassie spars from their first Hola. She finds herself taking Spanish lessons and encountering other lovelorn travelers. They soon start meeting once a week in a local bar and form the Broken Hearts Club. Cassie meets Dan, a sweet man who lives his life as predictably as she does herself.

But once again Cassie finds that life doesn't always follow a plan. She is drawn to Mateo but feels she has no security with him. Dan is everything a woman would want but there is no spark on her side. She soon starts her own online dating company after securing a well-to-do sponsor from Sweden. Now Cassie knows she does not have to return to Seattle. She decides to let life happen, with no guarantees, and soon finds the best is yet to come. The Buenos Aires Broken Heart Club is a great debut novel, in which Jessica Morrison shows us that we can let go and live.

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