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It Happened One Wedding    by Ann Roth order for
It Happened One Wedding
by Ann Roth
Order:  USA  Can
Harlequin, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Wedding planner Cammie Yarnell is thrilled to learn of her close friend Kelly's impending nuptials. She's delighted when Kelly requests that she plan the event. But once Cammie is advised of the tight time frame she's taken aback - six weeks doesn't leave a lot of room to put together the perfect wedding. Cammie finds herself even more unsettled when she discovers that Kelly's father has hired local photographer, Curt Blanco. Ever the professional, Cammie is prepared to work alongside Curt without making waves. But that doesn't mean she has to like it. She still blames him - a man she'd regarded as a trusted friend - for not warning her about her fiancÚ's womanizing ways and ruining her own wedding plans.

Curt doesn't like this situation any more than Cammie. Were it not for the fact that he desperately needs the money for his father's burgeoning medical expenses, he'd have run the other way when his boss offered him the job. But he's as determined as Cammie is to see it through. It'll be tough though; he's had a crush on Cammie since grade school. True, she never considered him as anything more than a friend, but a guy can dream. But those sweet dreams got incinerated after she hooked up with somebody else. Her fiancÚ's eventual betrayal and Cammie's misguided belief that Curt knew that Troy made a habit of sleeping around, ruined their relationship. When he and Cammie end up playing on the same adult volleyball team Curt wonders if this is just more bad luck or perhaps a sign that he make a play for Cammie in a more serious way - and finally convince her that his feelings have always been real and heartfelt.

It Happened One Wedding is a sweet and genuine romance with an appealing storyline. The small town tone, where everybody knows each other, is well done as are the characterizations. Roth does a nice job with the high school sweetheart theme of her story, although at times Cammie's single-minded belief that Curt was solely responsible for her failed relationship makes her come across as unreasonable. Even so the pair makes a pleasing couple and readers will enjoy walking alongside them as they work through their issues and come to terms with their attraction.

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