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Real Woman Eat Beef    by Tracy McArdle order for
Real Woman Eat Beef
by Tracy McArdle
Order:  USA  Can
Downtown Press, 2007 (2007)
* *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Jill Campbell-Marks drops her married name when she rebuilds her life after learning her husband had an affair with his junior executive. She moves back to Massachusetts and takes a job in an advertising agency, where she is told her first account will be for the illustrious Sven Car. But that doesn't materialize and instead Jill's put on a beef account - which horrifies her since she hasn't eaten beef in years.

She buys an old farmhouse that needs work. Since she doesn't seem to have the time, she hires twelve-year-old Sarah Watson to help her out with the animals. Sarah is a wonderful young woman, and Jill learns a great deal from her. The plow-guy makes sure her driveway is cleared and sanded and the grain-guy seems to be around enough to not only help out but talk to her as well.

Jill's new life isn't perfect though. The Sven account fell through, and her new duties at work are not what she expected. Her father is getting married, she's at odds with her best friend and is sadly realizing how old her grandfather really is. To top things off, she may have to sleep in the barn to help her goat, Helen, deliver her kid.

Real Woman Eat Beef is a delightful story right from the first chapter. Jill and Sarah, while many years apart, seem to be in the same boat, trying to find themselves. They end up being a source of comfort to each other and it is fun to watch their relationship grow. The grain-guy, whose real name is Rick turns out to be a good friend to Jill. Tracy McArdle creates a great story with real issues, and presents it with humor and enthusiasm.

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