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Jacob: The Nightwalkers    by Jaquelyn Frank order for
by Jaquelyn Frank
Order:  USA  Can
Zebra, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Jaquelyn Frank makes an impressive and intriguing debut in Jacob: The Nighwalkers, the first in a new series. While a diverse assortment of mythical creatures are referenced, she focuses her story on a richly envisioned Demon Society where strict rules forbid contact or interference with humans. Some demons, however, cannot control their baser inclinations, particularly during the full moon. When this occurs, it's up to Jacob, the Enforcer demon, to punish those who stray.

He's doing just that the night he encounters Isabella. Jacob has always shown ruthless control and never given in to temptation, a trait that makes him very good at his job. But the moment he touches Isabella that control shatters. He's even more shocked to discover that the pixie-like librarian has powers that only some of the eldest demons possess. Using her researching skills, Bella scours ancient demon records that reveal that she and Jacob are part of a millennia-old prophecy that is about to be fulfilled. Bella is ecstatic as she unravels her Druidic bloodlines and her true destiny. That she is Jacob's mate and fellow Enforcer is not so readily accepted, particularly by the Demon High Council. But when human Necromancers begin stepping up their campaign to enslave demons and use their power for their own sinister agendas, the new direction that Bella's life has taken may be the only way to stop the power hungry Necromancers.

Frank presents a beautifully written story and a captivating premise and mythology in Jacob: the Nightwalkers, as well as introducing a host of interesting characters. The link between Druids and Demons is a fresh touch that should create plenty of plot twists in future installments. Jacob and Isabella are both nicely realized leads, although I did find Bella falling into her new role as Enforcer a bit too easily. And while Frank initially does a nice job describing the pair's fiery attraction, she ends up adding far too many redundant love scenes, which tended to slow down their quest to foil the Necromancers' plot. Despite these quibbles, Jacquelyn Frank presents a very strong debut novel and is certainly a new author to watch.

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