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The Vampire Who Loved Me    by Teresa Medeiros order for
Vampire Who Loved Me
by Teresa Medeiros
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2006 (2006)

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* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

When readers last met Portia Cabot and Julian Kane in After Midnight, the youngest of the Cabot sisters had just saved Julian's life by offering him her blood. What else transpired in the dark dungeon where Julian's vampire hunting brother Adrian had locked him away is never revealed. Five years have passed since that fateful night and Portia's love for Julian has not waned despite his abandonment of her and all ties to his family and homeland. Portia knows he travels the world in search of the vampire who holds his soul and the key to regaining his mortality but all others believe he's long since lost the last aspects of humanity.

Since Julian's disappearence, Portia has become a skilled vampire hunter in her own right, often helping both her brothers-in-law to keep London and its surroundings free of marauding bloodsuckers. Word arrives that Julian has returned home at the same time that women are being brutally murdered and drained of blood. Adrian is prepared to destroy Julian once and for all, certain that the beast within him has taken full control. Portia however, argues that there must be another explanation, that the man she loves could never harm anyone without just provocation. In a daring masquerade, she searches him out and convinces him to set aside his life of drunken debauchery, and help her persuade Adrian (and most importantly Julian himself) that his quest to recover his mortality - and also their love - is not a lost cause.

In this very enjoyable sequel, Medeiros stays true to vampire myth and legend, yet deftly inserts small, unique twists to give The Vampire Who Loved Me its own singular tone. Portia and Julian are both wonderfully realized, passionate leads whose individual goals never overshadow their interaction and their love story. Brisk, engaging and often humorous dialogue, great secondary characters and Medeiros' flair for bringing the Regency time period to vivid life add to the story. Loose ends left dangling in the first installment are convincingly taken care of, making The Vampire Who Loved Me one of the more entertaining fall paranormal offerings.

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