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The Last Warrior    by Kylie Brant order for
Last Warrior
by Kylie Brant
Order:  USA  Can
Silhouette, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

The Navajo Tribal Council has hired renowned photojournalist Delaney Carson to create a pictorial history of their reservation and its people. Delaney's arrival in Tuba City is met with mixed emotions since some tribal residents believe that one of their own should work on the book, not a belagana or outsider. The situation becomes even more tense when somebody starts taking pot shots at Delaney. Tribal police investigator Joe Youngblood is called in to find answers. He already has enough on his plate investigating three murders that are believed to be drug related. Babysitting a famous photojournalist does not sit well, but the Tribal Council won't have it any other way.

For the last two years, Delaney has been working hard to overcome a bad case of posttraumatic stress disorder. She suffers from recurring nightmares after being involved in an explosion that killed her colleagues and a man she loved. She feels the best medicine is immersing herself in her work and steering clear of any serious relationships. However, the moment she meets the hard-as-nails police investigator, all bets are off. Joe knows he shouldn't get involved with the famous photojournalist who's obviously carrying a good share of emotional baggage, especially since he's got his own personal issues to work through. His recent divorce and the ensuing custody battle over his son are becoming increasingly unpleasant and stressful. But the longer he and Delaney are forced to share close quarters, the harder it becomes for either to resist temptation - or think about calling an end to their torrid attraction once Delaney finishes her book.

You can always rely on Kylie Brant to offer plenty of intrigue, action and a great cast of three-dimensional characters, especially the story's two leads: Delaney and Joe are both realistically and sympathetically portrayed: Delaney is working hard to get on with her life and overcome the trauma she suffered while covering the conflict in Iraq. And Joe is a man who takes his Navajo heritage very seriously while he's equally committed to stopping any threats to his reservation and ultimately those closest to him. The Last Warrior is another well-written, involving and enjoyable romantic suspense.

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