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The Return of David McKay    by Ann Evans order for
Return of David McKay
by Ann Evans
Order:  USA  Can
Harlequin, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Marie Hashima Lofton

This last in Ann Evans' series centers on Addy, the only daughter of Sam and Rosa D'Angelo. Ten years before, she and her high school sweetheart David McKay had a terrible fight and broke up, with no further contact. Now, David is back in town to visit his grandmother, who is finally going to scatter her husband's ashes in the mountains that he loved. David tries to convince her not to go, feeling the hiking and camping would be too much for his elderly grandmother. Geneva, however, tells him that she's going with Addy. Neither Addy nor David expected to see each other again, although their families are close. The two have the shock of their lives when they finally do meet again in Geneva's home.

David had left town to pursue his dreams in Hollywood. He's now a very successful filmmaker. Addy chose not to follow him when he asked her, because her heart will always remain in the mountains of Colorado where her family runs a hotel. Surprisingly, David decides to go along with the two women on the trip to scatter his grandfather's ashes - what Addy and David don't know is that this was a big con, the brainchild of Geneva and of Addy's father Sam. The two are playing matchmaker, believing that Addy and David belong together. Sam is also convinced that Addy's idea of having a child through artificial insemination is highly unnatural, and that the true father should be David.

The highlight of the book is the trip the three take to scatter the ashes - it's one adventure after another as they spend nights under the stars and pretty much rough it for two weeks. Though David and Addy have a lot of disagreements, it's clear that they love each other. Sam and Geneva's attempts at matchmaking are very cute, with Geneva sneaking away at every opportunity to report progress. Of course, Sam's wife Rosa gets suspicious as well, adding to the humor as she begins to think Sam is having an affair. For those who loved the previous books in this series, this final installment was just as good as the others. I enjoyed reading about this lovable crazy Italian family, and am sad to see the series end.

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