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The Quest    by Susan Kearney order for
by Susan Kearney
Order:  USA  Can
Tor, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Like the previous books in this interconnected series (The Challenge, The Dare, The Ultimatum) Kearney's futuristic adventure romance brings to front and center a secondary character, Kirek of Rystan, who was introduced in earlier books and now sets out on his own adventure in The Quest.

Kirek has phenomenal PSI powers and eight years ago, while on an astral projection spying mission, the young warrior was separated from his physical form after a wormhole explosion. His body was kept alive by his kinsmen while he struggled to break his consciousness free of the Zin galaxy, where he'd been gathering intelligence. Now that he's whole once more it's imperative that what he's learned about the Zin's agenda gets back to the Federation. However, the enemy is also hunting Kirek and with his ship disabled, his mission to warn his kinsmen against the Zin invasion is in jeopardy.

The Raven is Captain Angel Taylor's pride and joy and salvaging lost vessels is what she does best. When she encounters what she believes is a floundering derelict she thinks it's her lucky day - until she meets Kirek of Rystan - who works hard to convince her to work with him to bring down the Zin. She wants nothing to do with the handsome warrior; she's been burned too many times when it comes to affairs of the heart. But Kirek's persistence in promising her a big pay-off - and also romancing the reluctant captain - eventually pays off with all sorts of dividends. But only if the fiery pair manage to survive their life-and-death mission against Zin invasion.

Susan Kearney brings fans another satisfying story that incorporates elements of previous adventures, intergalactic intrigue, nice character building and a lively, satisfying romance between Kirek and Angel. There's also plenty of sensuality for those readers who like a large dash of the hot 'n spicy incorporated into their futuristic romance, making The Quest a satisfying addition to this ongoing series.

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