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Double Trouble
by Claire Cross
Order:  USA  Can
Berkley, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Maralys O'Reilly is an Internet columnist. She designs web sites, and also gives advice online as Dear Mary. She has a twin sister Marcia, but Maralys is known as the adventurous twin. Marcia has a husband, two kids, and a big house. Maralys has no desire for that kind of life, and has already been divorced once. However, she is the one everyone calls when there is a problem.

When one of her nephews calls Aunt Maralys to pick them up, she wonders why neither parent is around. She drops the boys off at home, where she discovers that Marcia has flown the coop. Marcia's husband James shows up shortly afterwards and is subjected to the wrath of Maralys. (She does not know that he has lost his partnership in his father's law firm to his brother.) When he talks of the debt that Marcia has racked up, Maralys starts to feel sorry for him. She helps him pick up the pieces, but when he turns on the charm, she doesn't want to fall in love with him.

Claire Cross has written the characters of James and Maralys to start off with sparks. As the story progresses, you understand why they began to hate each other. Double Trouble is a funny story with interesting twists and turns that keep readers turning the pages. I stayed up late reading and the ending surprised me. This is a great book for a rainy day - once you delve into it there is no putting it down.

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