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Wife Living Dangerously
by Sara Susannah Katz
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2006 (2006)

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* *   Reviewed by Marie Hashima Lofton

Julia Flanagan has always lived life by the rules. It's a defense mechanism from having grown up with a woman (her mother) who was quite the opposite - breaking all the rules and loving it. Wife Living Dangerously takes a refreshing look at a married woman who, with the coaxing of her friends, decides to cut loose.

She does it in gradual, minute ways, such as not speaking up when the girl at the grocery store check out counter charges her $5 instead of $15. It's not much, but for someone like Julia, it's a big change. While she is undergoes this slow transformation, there's a nagging at the back of her mind, as she recalls the fling her husband had a number of years before. But she has always been the good girl, despite her husband's infidelity.

Suddenly, Julia is faced with temptation. Handsome Evan Delaney, a medieval studies professor who's always on her mind, keeps turning up everywhere she goes. As her own husband loses interest in her - mostly because of a rock band his friends form and invite him to join - Julia pines after Evan even more. The two begin an innocent friendship, but she's tempted by his talk of 'courtly love' and other things medieval. Evan is obviously interested in Julia, who reminds him she's a married woman.

When Julia learns by accident of a sultry female singer in Michael's band - the supposedly matronly Edith from his office - she's shocked. It is no wonder Michael kept this part of the band a secret from his wife!

Wife Living Dangerously tells of the misadventures of Julia Flanagan. Though she's always been the good girl, as she and her husband approach middle age, both are tempted by the wild side of life. The book takes a lighthearted look at a woman's battle with her husband's mid-life crisis, as she also tries to do something for herself and live a little.

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