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Unexpected Complication    by Amy Knupp order for
Unexpected Complication
by Amy Knupp
Order:  USA  Can
Harlequin, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Marie Hashima Lofton

Carey Langford's best friend is Devin Colyer. One of the few things they argue about is the boyfriend she just broke up with, his cousin Jerrod. Jerrod and Devin's antagonistic relationship goes way back to a time when Devin felt that his parents favored his cousin over him. Devin was not the son his parents had wanted, and while Jerrod reaped their love and admiration, Devin felt left out in the cold, especially after their accidental deaths. He felt he could never please them.

Carey made the mistake of dating Jerrod for a few months, and now she's pregnant with his child. Jerrod wants nothing to do with her or the baby, and Devin isn't sure whether he should be happy about this, or angry. In the meantime, Devin's grandfather's health is slowly deteriorating, and Devin wants to show him that he can also be a success in business. While Devin is busy trying to get his computer business on track, Carey needs to figure out how to support herself and a baby with a limited income. She's currently living in her brother's house, but can't continue to do so. Her goal is to start her own photography studio (she currently works freelance) to bring in extra income.

As Carey struggles to come up with a financial plan, Devin watches her closely. He's been in love with her for years, but she doesn't know it. He can't get over the fact that she is having Jerrod's baby, and it may tear apart their friendship. It's a very complicated set of emotions that the two are dealing with, because Carey doesn't realize she has loved Devin all along. What will it take for her to admit that she feels more for Devin than just friendship?

I enjoyed the interesting characters in Unexpected Complication. It is unusual in that Devin is the focus of the story, rather than the female lead, Carey. And I enjoyed a subplot about Carey's mother's hit-and-miss relationships. Carey cringes about her mother's love life, but at the same time she may be more like her mother than she cares to admit. Devin's wonderfully warm-hearted grandfather is also a hoot, adding heart and soul to the story.

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