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Sighs Matter
by Marianne Stillings
Order:  USA  Can
Avon, 2006 (2006)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Six months ago Dr. Claire Hunter and Detective Taylor McKennitt shared a few hours of blazing passion that left Taylor believing in love at first sight and mouthing the words 'serious relationship'. Unfortunately, those very words cause Claire to run in the opposite direction and Taylor's plans for happily ever after quickly go up in a puff of smoke. He's not one to make the same mistake twice, but when he finds himself 'doing a little recon work that had morphed into ogling his brother's wife's best friend', he reminds himself once again that Claire Hunter is still a 'very fine-looking woman' ... just not the woman for him.

When a hit and run driver nearly kills Claire, Taylor is one of the first to learn about it. Much to her annoyance, he assigns himself as her personal bodyguard. Being around the handsome and determined detective 24/7 soon has Claire re-thinking her vow to never fall in love with a cop. But there are others lurking in the shadows who aren't too crazy about Claire and Taylor renewing their acquaintance and possibly putting a crimp into their lucrative but very illegal business arrangement. Now it's up to Taylor to save Claire from a deranged killer before she disappears from his life all over again.

Marianne Stillings proved in her first two novels that she has a gift for lighthearted romance. She proves it again in Sighs Matter, another well-written, fast-paced story that showcases great characterizations and plenty of smart, witty dialogue. Stillings has a talent for seeing the world from a male point of view. Readers will love the wisecracking Taylor, who's got a line for everything, but who doesn't take himself too seriously either. Under all his considerable machismo beats a heart of gold. Stillings also offers up a sturdy little mystery with a twist. The villain was a tad over the top but considering the light-hearted tone of the story it's a minor quibble. Sighs Matter is a great addition to Ms. Stillings' growing reading list.

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