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The Mommy Quest    by Lori Handeland order for
Mommy Quest
by Lori Handeland
Order:  USA  Can
Harlequin, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Marie Hashima Lofton

This final book in The Luchetti Brothers series focuses on brother Dean who made a previous appearance in The Daddy Quest, in which young runaway Rat found his way to the farmlands of Ohio with an ex-stripper who was searching for her father. Rat, later known as Tim, latched on to Dean, the first person to show him any love after he was abandoned by his parents.

Tim, now eight-years-old, is having problems fitting in. He doesn't have any friends and is often teased because he has no real parents. One day, Tim is sent to the principal's office for hitting a boy who made fun of Dean. When Dean shows up, he discovers that the new school principal is none other than the high school sweetheart he thought he'd never see again, Stella O'Connell. She left for college nearly fifteen years before after Dean told her that he never loved her. But now she's not sure she's over him. She finds living in the same town difficult, but is unaware that it's just as hard for Dean who, despite what he said, had always loved her.

Tim, in the meantime, decides he needs a mother. Now that he's found his daddy (though the adoption is not yet official), Tim is on a mommy quest. He's searching for that special woman who will make his daddy happy, and be the mother he always wished for. He sets Dean up on all sorts of dates, to Dean's frustration, but when Tim discovers that his principal is his daddy's old girlfriend, he begins to act up so he can get sent to the principal's office on a daily basis. No one can figure out what Tim is up to, but they do know he has an agenda.

I enjoyed this last book in the series. Most of the brothers appear in the story, and the reader will get an update on each of them, the dogs, and even their parents, John and Ellie. Ellie is a stand out character in her own right, a stern matriarch who scares even the dogs out in the yard, ruling her roost like a dictator, but yet she has a heart of gold hidden deep inside. And Tim win all hearts, as he finds a way to get the mommy he deserves. I recommend The Mommy Quest for its endearing characters and warm-hearted story.

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