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Wolf at the Door: A novel of The Others    by Christine Warren order for
Wolf at the Door
by Christine Warren
Order:  USA  Can
St. Martin's, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Rashmi Srinivas

Irish werewolf Sullivan Quinn comes to New York City as part of a European delegation attending the Council of Others, a UN equivalent for paranormal beings where werekin, shapeshifters, vampires, witches and other assorted and powerful magic-users gather to discuss important issues. Quinn comes bearing a revolutionary new proposal - for the Others to reveal their existence to human society. His shocking suggestion - coming when a powerful European vampire's human lover has been abducted and tortured for information by a shadowy human organization (Light of Truth) dedicated to eliminating the Others - throws the council in an uproar and leaves it deeply divided.

Foxwoman and anthropologist Cassidy Poe is assigned to work with Quinn to determine the feasibility of his proposal, and also to locate the Light of Truth's American headquarters. Even before the conference begins, Cassidy and Quinn have a heated sexual encounter, the sparks of which flare into glorious life once they're forced to work together. Although very compatible in the bedroom, outside it their ideologies are as far apart as their genealogies. Soon afterwards, paranormal beings in America start being attacked and abducted. Running against time, Cassidy and Quinn are forced to set aside emotions and opposing opinions, to work towards defeating a common, powerful and unseen enemy.

Christine Warren's Wolf at the Door debuts a paranormal thriller romance series that's playful and erotic, with a large cast of paranormal characters, and a strong thread of suspense. Readers jaded by the recent deluge of paranormal romances will be relieved to know that Warren's done a great job of endowing her vast cast of beings with pathos, prejudice and peril. This, plus spirited encounters between the protagonists that often lead to awesome displays of their powers, and an action-filled ending, make the story a treat to read - despite the fact that the plot stalls whenever the story heads into the bedroom, which it does often.

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