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What Men Want    by Deborah Blumenthal order for
What Men Want
by Deborah Blumenthal
Order:  USA  Can
Red Dress Ink, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Shannon Bigham

Jenny George is a thirty-five year old investigative reporter for New York Daily. Despite her plain Jane name, Jenny has built a successful career for herself as a reporter and columnist by getting to the truth of the matter. Jenny likes to get the scoop on things, and will not hesitate to uncover scandals and corruption, if that is what it takes to do her job. Unfortunately, rival columnist Slaid Warren likes getting the scoop just as much as Jenny, which has resulted in a professional, competitive battle between the two for years. Oddly, Jenny and Slaid have never met, even though they speak daily. Their shared competitive streak spurs on regular communication, as each wants to top the other in journalism.

Jenny is investigating the relationship between the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre, and Broadcasting and a Los Angeles production house. Her assignment sends her over the Christmas holidays to St. Croix, where a CEO of Reilly Films is hosting New York City officials Jenny knows that the CEO would not be doing so without some sort of payback. So, Jenny is off to St. Croix, leaving behind her ad executive boyfriend Chris to work on an advertising campaign with a supermodel. To make matters worse, Slaid shows up in St. Croix, sniffing out the same story. Honestly, Jenny thinks, could life get more complicated? However, Slaid changes Jenny's assumptions about him and challenges her in an altruistic way. Slaid wants to work with Jenny to uncover the story, rather than working against her, and he also shows her there is more to life than work. Jenny cannot deny the spark that she feels when she is around Slaid, and that attraction is mutual.

What Men Want is about Jenny finding herself, so to speak, as she navigates the waters of her personal life during her work assignment on St. Croix. Jenny and Slaid are interesting characters and it was enjoyable reading about Jenny becoming a more self-assured woman and seeing how her relationship with Slaid changed after they met in person. This book, which has more of a romantic feel than many in the chick lit genre, is an enjoyable fairytale type story with a bit of girl power thrown in though somewhat predictable, it's frothy and fun.

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