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Some Like it Haute    by Julie K. L. Dam order for
Some Like it Haute
by Julie K. L. Dam
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2006 (2006)
Hardcover, Audio, CD

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

In Paris for Fashion Week, Weekly magazine style writer Alexandra Simons (a Texas girl morphed into a fashionista) obsesses over her Manolo shoes and appearance, while falling (literally) into mystery and romance.

Self-admittedly both 'smart and shallow', Alex plans her daily look well ahead of time, using an Excel spreadsheet for the details. The delay resulting from a shoe crisis (followed by an unexpected encounter with her suave and handsome high school French teacher, Jacques Billings, who's now a Parisian shoe salesman) results in a klutzy and humiliating self-immolation that's soon spread across both news and Internet.

Luckily, Khaki Guy hogs the news the next day for a similar incident, allowing Alex to come out of hiding to attend a mystery show put on by her friend and 'favorite publicist', Lola. It seems that Lola has discovered an extraordinary, but super-reclusive new fashion genius, Peruvian-Swiss Luis-Heinz. The show also introduces Alex to Khaki Guy, who turns out to be consultant Nick Snow. The attraction is immediate and mutual.

Feeling like Nancy Drew, Alex helps Lola track down Luis-Heinz who's suddenly disappeared, and juggles her new romance with a visit from her mom (who shares her passion for Prada). There are big surprises for Alexandra from both her ex-teacher and her new romantic interest, while models like Deep Décolletage traipse through all their lives in three inch Jimmy Choos.

It's light and frothy, as Alex and cohorts foil a dastardly plot to take Luis-Heinz's designs mass market. Julie K. L. Dam has lots of fun with both the fashion world and reality TV in this romantic romp through Paris.

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