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Parallel Attraction    by Deidre Knight order for
Parallel Attraction
by Deidre Knight
Order:  USA  Can
Signet, 2006 (2006)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

As teenagers, Kelsey Wells and Jared Bennett share an innocent first kiss that reveals Jared's true nature and creates a memory bond. But, as the leader of the Refarians, Jared cannot be allowed to consort with a human. His memory and Kelsey's are wiped clean by the young king's chief elder, and Jared does not encounter Kelsey again until his fiery return to the Teton Range a decade later as Rebel leader in an ongoing and deadly war with his sworn enemies, the Antousians.

Kelsey, now a geologist, also finds herself returning to Mirror Lake often. Not quite able to understand the area's overwhelming allure, she knows it's a place where something profound happened to her. On her latest visit, she finds peculiar rock samples that defy anything on record. Determined to prove that her findings could be extraterrestrial, Kelsey sets out to do more exploring - and finds herself sharing an otherworldly experience with a ball of energy that transforms into a man. Wounded, desperate and fearing death or capture by an unseen enemy, the stranger does the unthinkable - he bonds with Kelsey and leaves within her the 'mitre codes' that unlock the secrets to time travel.

Once recovered, Jared knows he must find Kelsey again, not only to protect her and the codes he's secreted away in her mind, but also because he knows that his bonding with her is their destiny - one that was interrupted ten years before beside the glassy waters of Mirror Lake. He must not only gain Kelsey's trust, but also combat the negative reaction his choice of life mate creates among his own kinsmen and kinswomen. But unbeknownst to them all, a threat lurks from an invisible future enemy - one as unbelievable as it is dangerous, that could destroy their love before either of them even have a chance to fully understand their extraordinary bond.

Deidre Knight makes an impressive debut with her first paranormal romance. The concept of alternate dimensions and resetting time has always been an intriguing one, that offers endless plot twists. Knight presents one intriguing possibility here, as she demonstrates that good writing, a distinctive voice, and three-dimensional character development always add extra shine to a story. She does a particularly good job of portraying a king whose dedication to his planet and his people is absolute, but who also longs to live an ordinary life unburdened by royal expectations. I look forward to revisiting some secondary characters and their roles in the Refarian/Antousian conflict in planned sequels, Parallel Heat and Parallel Seduction.

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