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How To Sleep With A Movie Star    by Kristin Harmel order for
How To Sleep With A Movie Star
by Kristin Harmel
Order:  USA  Can
5 Spot, 2006 (2006)

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* * *   Reviewed by Shannon Bigham

Twenty-six year old Claire holds an enviable position as a reporter at Mod, the fashion magazine that competes with Cosmopolitan. Claire's reporting position has resulted in her interviewing countless top shelf movie stars (think Colin Farrell, Julia Roberts) and while she loves her job, Claire finds that movie stars are often self-absorbed, high maintenance egomaniacs in real life. That is, until she interviews Cole Brannon, currently deemed the 'Hottest Hunk in Hollywood,' with incredible good looks and acting skills to boot. However, Cole also has the reputation of being a lady's man, as well as a 'sex addict.' Therefore, Claire is interested in interviewing Cole on a professional level, but has no wish to ruin her career by hooking up with a sexy celebrity for a one-night stand, nor does she expect Cole to be any more interesting in real life than all of the other movie stars she has interviewed for Mod.

Besides, Claire is in love with her live-in boyfriend Todd, a struggling (and unemployed) novelist. Claire hopes for an engagement ring soon, although their relationship seems to be faltering. They have not been intimate for a month now. Claire craves attention and affection from Todd, who seems to spend a lot of time sleeping for someone who does not have a job. When Claire finds Todd in bed with another woman (in her own bed!), she kicks him out and proceeds to a bar to get rip-roaring drunk. She coincidentally runs into Cole - and finds herself in his bed without her clothes the next morning (with no memory of the night before). When Claire's arch enemy at work, Sidra, leaks to the tabloids that Claire is one of Cole's women, she finds herself in hot water professionally. Her life is crashing down around her - already betrayed by her boyfriend, now her career is at stake.

I have enjoyed reading 5 Spot books, since they debuted last year with Conversations With The Fat Girl by Liza Palmer. How To Sleep With A Movie Star is a good fit for the imprint, which has likeable female protagonists who come across as real, even when they find themselves in unusual, even surreal situations. This book has elements of humor, romance, and chick lit that will appeal to many fans of female fiction. I especially liked how the author managed to make Cole the movie star real, and how Claire was able to dust herself off, so to speak, after being betrayed by her boyfriend. Appealing and credible characters can make or break a novel (I dislike whiny, self-pitying protagonists, which Claire is not), so hats off to Kristin Harmel for a great read that felt like an enjoyable fairy tale with real characters.

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