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One Last Look
by Linda Lael Miller
Order:  USA  Can
Pocket, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

One Last Look is the conclusion to Miller's romantic suspense series that began with Don't Look Now and continued in Never Look Back. This time around, Clare's soon-to-be husband, homicide detective Tony Sonterra, goes on assignment for the FBI to track down the coyotes (illegal immigrant smugglers) responsible for countless deaths (they were also very likely responsible for the murder of a Sonterra family friend).

Clare had hoped that once they settled in Dry Creek Arizona, she'd finally get some peace and quiet and time to get used to the idea of being pregnant - and the nerve racking reality of her impending walk down the aisle. Marriage is something that the commitment-shy Clare never thought she'd agree to. But trouble has a habit of following Clare wherever she goes and Dry Creek is no exception. Mere hours after their arrival, she becomes the target of a determined hit and run driver.

Worrying about Clare is not what Tony needs right now; he's got enough on his plate tracking down the coyotes, investigating two murders and locating a missing child. Things get even more complicated when Clare announces that she's accepting a job as an investigator with the prosecutor's office, a position that will give her free rein to interfere in Tony's cases - and put her right back in harm's way again. Throw in a few shady townsfolk, a basement full of skeletons, Clare's personal ghost, cryptic warnings from her resident psychic to leave town, and still another murder committed during their nuptials, and Tony begins to wonder if he and Clare will live long enough to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

Linda Lael Miller brings her trilogy to a satisfying conclusion in this nicely written, fast-paced (if sometimes overly busy) story. Clare's characterization as a wisecracking, yet very committed, defender of the innocent is well done. Tony matches her in every way and while he'd rather see Clare safe and protected, he respects what she feels she has to do, even if he doesn't always agree with her. As readers take One Last Look at their new life, they can only assume that the newlyweds will have a very interesting fifty or sixy years together.

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