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Time to Run
by Marliss Melton
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2006 (2006)

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Sara Garret has been waiting years to escape the mental cruelty she and her son suffer from her JAG prosecutor husband. When he carries out a brutal act against Kendal, it's the last straw. A few days later at her husband's office, she crosses paths with SEAL Chief Chase McCaffrey. She's never forgotten the quiet, brooding man who helped her out a few years before. Determined to escape her controlling husband, she risks involving Chase in a daring plan.

Chase is headed for Oklahoma to claim a ranch left to him by his stepfather, a man who made Chase's childhood a living hell. He realizes that helping Sara escape could end his career as a SEAL sniper, but knows that getting her away from her powerful husband is the right thing to do. Men like Garret are just another kind of terrorist. Using the many skills he's learned in the art of concealment, Chase whisks Sara and Kendal away with him to Oklahoma. His plan is simple - keep them hidden at his remote ranch until Garret stops looking for them. But being around Sara day and night isn't simple. She stirs emotions in him that have long lain dormant. After supremist cronies of Chase's stepfather threaten them, their anonymity is shattered. When Garret tracks them down he becomes an even greater threat, for he's determined to get Sara and Kendal back one way or another.

Melton creates another exciting and emotionally moving story in Time to Run, the third installment of her gripping Navy SEAL series. While she borrows two much-used premises - spousal abuse and the threat of Supremist attacks on American soil - she skillfully keeps her story focused on the growing relationship between her leads. Sara is ready and willing to embrace true love despite her ugly and abusive marriage. Chase, on the other hand, shores up his emotional walls, unwilling to let love override the detachment needed to continue doing his job effectively. A nice cast of secondary characters adds even more zest to the story.

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