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The Breakup Club    by Melissa Senate order for
Breakup Club
by Melissa Senate
Order:  USA  Can
Red Dress Ink, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Shannon Bigham

Lucy Miller-Masterson, Miranda Miller (Lucy's younger sister), Christopher Levy, and Roxy Marone all have something in common - each is going through a relationship breakup. When Lucy's husband flings an entire turkey off the table on Thanksgiving Day (in the presence of extended family and their twelve-year-old daughter, no less), Lucy knows that something is up. At first, she blames it on his low-carb diet but then finds a scrap of paper with his New Year's resolution to 'Leave Lucy'. Miranda is distraught over being dumped by her boyfriend Gabriel. She was hoping to marry him, but he clearly has other plans - with another woman.

Roxy Marone is on the other side of the fence. She becomes a 'runaway bride' who ditches her long-term boyfriend Robbie, a successful attorney who wants a traditional marriage with a big family. Roxy thought she wanted that too, but realizes she has more than pre-wedding jitters. Lastly, Christopher, dad to baby Ava, is now a single father. Christopher's wife Jodie, who has been having an affair with another man, leaves Christopher shortly after their daughter is born, to move in with her new love. Christopher moves into a small apartment and has meager visits with his daughter, whom he loves dearly - but Jodie insists that he can't do anything right, including being a father.

Lucy, Miranda, and Christopher all work for a publishing firm in New York. When Roxy lands a job at the firm and moves in with Miranda, the four form what they call 'The Breakup Club' and become a supportive network as each recovers from their relationship meltdowns and moves on to the best of their ability. The Breakup Club is standard chick lit fare and an entertaining read, though I found the ending a bit pat and predictable. That said, I particularly enjoyed reading about Christopher and his relationship with his baby daughter, as most such novels are exclusively from the female perspective.

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