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Love Will Tear Us Apart    by Tara McCarthy order for
Love Will Tear Us Apart
by Tara McCarthy
Order:  USA  Can
Downtown Press, 2005 (2005)
* *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Flora and Fauna Sparks are Siamese twins, joined at the hip. These sexy seventeen-years-old have taken the music industry by storm. The girls have been raised by their single father since their mother left years before.

Thirty-five year old journalist Sloan Madden seems to have had the break of her life when she's hired by the twins to write their biography. The only problem seems to be that each twin secretly wants to go in a different direction from the other. Fauna wants to do a solo record and Flora wants to pose for Playboy. The dream job goes awry when the twins start having trouble agreeing on anything. Each tries to thwart the other's success in their solo career, they abuse drugs, and there are unsavory sexual incidents. The twins' jealousy is ruining not only their own careers, but Sloan's also.

Tara McCarthy has plotted a new and refreshing story with many hilarious scenes as well as ones that will make you gasp at the girls' antics. The twins not only have individual personalities but they don't seem to want to be separated. Theirs is an inescapable love-hate relationship. Love Will Tear Us Apart will keep your nose glued to the book until its shocking ending.

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