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Prince of Danger    by Amanda Scott order for
Prince of Danger
by Amanda Scott
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2005 (2005)

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* *   Reviewed by Marie Hashima Lofton

Introduced in Lord of the Isles as a willful twelve-year old, Lady Isobel Macleod is now nineteen and has vowed never to marry. After living with her father until the age of twelve, and then moving in with her brother-in-law Hector and her sister Cristina, Isobel has concluded that women are considered men's property, and she refuses to be a part of it.

In July 1379, as Isobel rides bareback on the lands outside her father's home at Castle Chalamine, she comes across a band flogging a solitary man. She decides to save his life, but is discovered, tied up and thrown into a cave, along with Michael St. Clair, whom she was trying to rescue. To his astonishment, Isobel finds a way to free herself of her bonds, and saves them both. She's not the typical female in medieval Scotland. She's independent and wild, constantly disobeying her father's and brother-in-law's orders. Now, St. Clair has to deal with this uncontrollable young woman, as they flee the villains, led by his cousin Waldron.

Isobel leads them back to Hector's castle at Lochbuie (with the help of various friends along the way). When her father hears of what happened to his daughter, he demands that Michael marry her, to protect her reputation. After a great deal of argument, Isobel agrees to the union. Her adventure continues as the pair sail to Michael's home, where she meets his brother (and future prince) Henry, his cousin Hugo and his mother, the feared Isabella of Strathearn. The book's plot involves a family secret, a treasure, and the famous Knights Templar.

I have to say that this chapter in the saga of the Daughters of Macleod did not captivate me as much as Lord of the Isles. While the characters were fun and interesting, I didn't care for the detailed escapades. There was too much adventure and not enough romance for me, but I think true fans of historical romances may feel differently.

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