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Mating Net
by Rowena Cherry
Order:  USA  Can
New Concepts, 2005 (2005)

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

In this short prequel to her recent novel Forced Mate, Rowena Cherry introduces twin brothers vying for the same woman. God-emperor Djohn Kronos, after having murdered his father and taken over the throne, is now determined to claim his twin brother Devoron's promised bride, Helispeta, as his new queen. So, while his brother is away on a mission, Kronos decides to impersonate him via hologram.

Helispeta is at first fooled by Kronos's aggressive overtures, for the brothers are identical. By the time she discovers the deception, she has become Kronos's consort and her betrothed, Devoran is lost to her. She is, by all rights, Kronos's property. Devoron knows his only option is to 'accept the status quo and move on'. But he and Helispeta do not accept it. They know they must take a gamble and try to outwit Kronos, or forever lose their chance be together.

If you like stories that portray aggressively dominant males like Kronos, and enjoy plenty of sexual innuendo and interplay, then this one is for you. Cherry has created an intriguing world where political intrigue runs rife. She presents an arena where Kronos demonstrates his overall dominance and determination to remain the 'greatest of the Great Djinn, the God-Emperor Djohn Kronos'.

Note: Mating Net is available as an e-book from New Concepts Publishing.

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