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Cookin' for Love    by Sharon Boorstin order for
Cookin' for Love
by Sharon Boorstin
Order:  USA  Can
iUniverse, 2005 (2005)
* *   Reviewed by Kim Atchue-Cusella

Miriam Levy, a married mother of three, is a wiz in the kitchen. She just wishes that her life didn't feel like it's spiraling out of control. Her husband withdraws into himself, her unwed daughter is pregnant, and her twins fight all the time. To top it all off, her best friend, Kate, is barely speaking to her because Miriam won't accompany her to Malaysia to meet her long lost love.

Miriam has just about had it with her life, when Kate emails offering a last chance to go to Malaysia. When she says yes, Kate gets her a ticket to a new adventure. Though Kate is in first class and Miriam in coach, Kate concocts a story so that they end up together in first. Upon arrival, Kate's mission to reunite with her true love Erik is found to have kinks in it. Erik is an important person in Malaysia, and he has a wife. And Miriam has her own tales to tell, when she meets with an Indian man she befriended on the plane trip.

Each chapter of Cookin' for Love ends with a delectable recipe with a humorous title. Each one is connected to a story about Miriam's life. Steamy scenes are not just reserved for the kitchen either. Though the two women's adventures are hilarious, they also tell a sensitive story of growing older, but still keeping hold of who you are as time marches on. Sharon Boorstin tells a story that is both amusing and touching at the same time.

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