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To the Edge    by Cindy Gerard order for
To the Edge
by Cindy Gerard
Order:  USA  Can
St. Martin's, 2005 (2005)
* *   Reviewed by Rashmi Srinivas

Jillian Kincaid's ordered, and to some extent pampered, existence is thrown out of kilter when a spate of increasingly malicious death threats arrive. The question is whether this is related to her father's colossal wealth or as a result of her own rising popularity as the local news anchor. Even more important, who amongst her acquaintances is the culprit?

Jillian is outraged when (ignoring her protests) her concerned father hires ex-Army Ranger Nolan Garret as her bodyguard. Nolan himself is riled at having been forced to come out of the comfortable drunken binge he'd sunk into since leaving the army for this job. From the first moment, the two strike sparks from each other - sparks of roused tempers that gradually convert into sparks of increasing passion. The difference in their social situations, the deadly danger which draws increasingly closer, as well as a curious reluctance on Nolan's part, all keep the reader in suspense up until the very satisfactory conclusion.

Cindy Gerard skillfully crafts a delicious blend of romance and suspense with her sizzling new The Bodyguard series. Nolan, the darkly handsome and brooding hero, is in contrast to Jillian, a refreshing and spirited modern heroine. Her initiative and his reticence make an intriguing combination. Their growing love is nicely balanced by escalating death threats and peril. Gerard does an awesome job of developing the story, both emotionally and in escalating action.

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