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In the Dark
by Marliss Melton
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2005 (2005)

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* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Readers first met Hannah Geary and Lt. Luther Lindstrom in Forget Me Not, where Melton left various plot threads unresolved. Rogue SEAL commander Edward Lovett is still a free man, who has made sure that incriminating evidence, and persons who might prove he's running black market arms, are eliminated. Defense Intelligence Agent Hannah Geary and her partner are the last obstacles in Lovett's way. Hannah's partner is killed and she's spirited away to a Cuban prison where she's left at the mercy of another of Lovett's unsavory associates.

When the FBI learn Hannah's whereabouts, they enlist the aid of Luther and his SEAL team to bring her home. At the same time, Hannah is determined to bring down Lovett and vows that she will not be left to rot in a Cuban prison. Her escape attempt coincides with Luther's rescue, making his mission trickier than expected. Even more complicated is Luther's reaction to the feisty Hannah who won't let anything stand in the way of her discovering the identity of Lovett's boss, known only as 'The Individual'. Once back home, it becomes clear that Hannah is still a target, so Luther is assigned as her bodyguard. Neither can deny their growing feelings for each other, despite Luther having sworn off 'complicated women' and Hannah making it clear that she has no intention of giving up her dream of working for the CIA. But, as enemies close in from all sides, their love only intensifies, despite their emotional conflicts.

Marliss Melton has a knack for combining edge-of-your seat romantic suspense and an engrossing love story featuring multi-layered characters who struggle with realistic emotions. Hannah and Luther make a fine team whether they're racing against time to stop the bad guys or trying to sort through their escalating feelings for one another. Melton is a great new talent and In the Dark a fine addition to her action-packed series.

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