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Say It Again, Sam
by Mary McBride
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2004 (2004)

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* *   Reviewed by Rashmi Srinivas

An ex-Delta force officer who's killed his fair share of men in battle, Sam Mendenhall is now quietly vegetating in the small backwater town of Heart lake, where he works as a constable. While involved in an exasperated search for an odd thief who's shaken the serene and sometimes boring placidity of the town by stealing stuff ranging from a flag to peanut butter, Sam runs into his old sweetheart Beth Simon, who's back from San Francisco.

As teenagers they were inseparable, but now there's a vast gulf of heartbreak and betrayal between them. Of course, passion blazes forth immediately upon their meeting again. Neither has ever forgotten or forgiven the other, but with the passage of years, they've changed and are now on equal footing as mature adults. Before things can get resolved between these two ill-fated lovers, the so-far harmless crimes take a violent turn and surprisingly, they now seem to center around Beth. How it all gets sorted out makes up the rest of this enjoyable story.

As always, Mary McBride delivers a well written, deeply romantic tale with more than its share of chills and thrills. She skillfully rekindles Sam and Beth's unfinished love story against a backdrop of small-town gossip and in an atmosphere of growing terror. Interesting side stories and characters from previous books also put in brief appearances. While the plotline is not unusual, McBride infuses it with a zest and poignancy that make Say It Again, Sam stand out from the crowd..

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