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Forced Mate    by Rowena Cherry order for
Forced Mate
by Rowena Cherry
Order:  USA  Can
Love Spell, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Rashmi Srinivas

To ensure the royal line of succession, Prince Tarrant-Arragon (all-powerful heir of the Emperor of Tigron and supreme tyrant of the known galaxies) has long been in quest of a mate. Upon learning of an earthling who has partly royal Djinn blood, he kidnaps her, with every intention of consummating their marriage with or without her consent.

The spirited Djinni persistently attempts to escape and, failing that, to manipulate Tarrant-Arragon at his own sexual games. In so doing, she earns the Prince's reluctant respect. He decides to seduce his forced mate and win her heart with charm and wit, instead of proceeding with a swift consummation. The trouble is that he has to do this incognito as Djinni has been prejudiced against him by rumors of his alleged vileness. There are alien knights, conspiracies within conspiracies and intricate story lines. Although the plot gets a bit complicated, the plain-spoken earth male Grievous stands out as one sane voice of reason in this exotic and sometimes perplexing universe, where passion, independence and a growing love fight for supremacy in an entertaining battle of the sexes.

In Forced Mate, Rowena Cherry creates an imaginative future filled with alien civilizations, as a backdrop for a non-stop seduction of the senses as arrogant Prince Tarrant-Arragon attempts to woo his kidnapped Earth woman, an attempt that's as hilarious as it is romantic.

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